StreetHeat Stamped Asphalt Application

About the company

Rainbow Paving has been providing professional asphalt pavement services throughout Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley for over thirty years.  

Reliable and competitive, we hold ourselves to high standards. Part of a global network of experienced accredited Applicators, owners, and employees of professional paving and construction companies. We are trained and certified by the product manufacturers. 

Asphalt is probably the best pavement choice for your driveway and can last for more than 25 years. Think of it this way, asphalt is used almost exclusively for all our Canadian roads because it outperforms and is generally less expensive than concrete. Problems with asphalt driveways have nothing to do with asphalt but rather who is installing it, how it is installed and the quality of the coatings and sealers used on the surface. 

It is important that you deal with a reputable paving contractor with a track record in your community. Reputable contractors are generally pretty competitive, so if you get a price for paving work from someone and it seems too good to be true ….. It almost certainly is.

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